Anderson v Van Gerwen: Scot to edge out youngster

it seems like Anderson is back to something approaching his magical best

Gary Anderson surprised himself as much as anyone as he turned in some stunning displays to power his way to the final of the Grand Slam a few short weeks ago, only to meet the full force of Phil Taylor in the final. 

The Scotsman had been in pretty poor form for the majority of the time since winning the Premier League, but it seems like he is back to something approaching his magical best after his performance in Wolverhampton.

His opponent on Friday, Michael Van Gerwen, also surprised a few by emerging from a tricky group as the winner, ousting dangerous BDO boys Scott Waites and Tony O’Shea before falling to their Lakeside compadre Ted Hankey. 

The Dutchman’s performance there and his continued success on the youth tour suggest that he might be starting to fulfill the unbridled potential that he showed went he first burst onto the scene four or five years ago.

However, I don’t think that the Players Championship Finals is going to be the scene of his first real PDC triumph thanks to his unhelpful draw in round one. The Flying Scotsman can be backed at 1/3 to progress to the second round, and it may be best just to play it safe with that reasonably generous bet. However, if you want to squeeze a drop more value out of the contest I would go with Anderson hitting more 180s which is at 4/9 with Victor Chandler, he is regularly a safe bet on hitting maximums, and I don’t see Friday being any different.

Recommended Bet:

Anderson to hit most 180s @4/9 with Victor Chandler

Written By:- Phil Haigh (About our Authors)
Posted on:- 08/12/2011 - 17:53 PM
Filed in:- Players Championship Finals Betting News, Gary Anderson

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